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Machine Learning / Deep Learning

Machine Learning and Deep Learning gives companies great insights into their customers thoughts and behaviors. It can greatly transform the way your company creates products, markets products and attract and keep customers.

Natural Language Processing

Vast amounts of text data are provided to organizations each day in the form of emails, texts, social media posts. Using techniques such as sentiment analysis can help you learn about your customers, detect fraud or improve employee retention.

Predictive Analytics / Data Science

Every company strives to know more and predict what the future will hold. Previous performance can help understand and inform future performance. It can also be used to test the effects of internal or external changes on your organization.

Value / Competitive Advantage

Without value, we cant exist! Everything we do is geared toward delivering value and generating a competitive advantage from the data provided. We uncover the hidden value from the terabytes of data you have.

Data Science Techniques

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What we do

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Generate value through Data Science and Analytics.

Our experienced analytics consultants tackle complex information challenges by developing a strategic approach to understanding, interpreting and modeling your data. Our team develops results that will enable your team to take action and deliver results. Our goal is to build relationships with our customers and work with you and your team to understanding models that can be reused, modified and enhanced. Our team is well versed in the popular tools for analytics such as SAS, R, Tableau, Google Analytics, MySQL, MongoDB, Hadoop. Our quantitative team works with basic statistical models, multivariate analysis, social network analysis, time series analysis, trending, forecasting, and simulations.

  • We can help your team identify gaps and help you develop a strategy for building an analytics practice

  • Need qualified staff? We can help you find the right resource that will fit in your team

  • Our Enrichment Program deliver projects and tweak results and help deliver new methods of analysis to your organization

  • We offer training both on site and offsite for your team in all the latest software required for analytics.

Our Team

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Alex Pelaez, Ph.D.

Owner – CEO / Chief Data Scientist

Kiyra Artisse, MBA / JD

Chief Operating Officer

Kara Trias

Manager of Data Science

Chris Luciani

Junior Data Scientist

Hannah Daitch

Junior Analyst

James Zhu

Statistical Assistant

John Pillitteri

Junior QA Analyst

Viren Naghabhiraava

Dashboard Architect & Engineer

Cherise T. Fiorante

Production Assistant / Editor

Valentina Stanislavskaia

Consultant – Data Science
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Delivering Value through Data Science , Machine Learning, Big Data and AI